For Freshers

For Freshers
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Articles that can help freshers and new hires begin their journey with data.

Data Scientists Reveal: 40 Best Cheat-Sheets on the Web
This article doesn’t only link to the cheat-sheets but also some of the relevant sources which would help you in your python coding. This will help you get through some of the trickier tasks in data science
5 Most In-Demand Machine Learning Projects That Will Get You Hired
We talk about the various ML projects that will build your confidence and get you job-ready!
An Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
If you’re a newbie and want some solid NLP foundation? This is the best place to start. Learn the basics of NLP here and get started!
Can You Get Paid for Scraping Data?
Learn with us what web scraping and Scrapy is and how you can use the same to your benefit.
12 Python ML/DS Libraries Used By Top Data Scientists
In this post, we talk about the top and most useful python libraries used by top data scientists around the world for ML and DS
Classification Metrics Every Data Scientist Must Know
Learn about some of the top classification metrics every data scientist should know.
Top Data Scientists You Should Follow On Twitter
Data science is all around us these days from academia to major industries and tech giants, the demand has been growing exponentially. So, what is data science all about anyway? And who are the data scientists to follow online for expertise in this fast-growing field? Here is a list of
Pandas Group By - Key areas you should watch out for
We surveyed Stack Overflow questions related to Pandas Group By and came across few areas that have been repeatedly discussed - Computing multiple statistics for each group Sorting within groups Extracting the first row in each group Extracting multiple statistics for each group Common aggregation…
Top 10 Data Science Blogs from Major Tech-Firms
We learn about important insights from trending data science posts published by great minds working at top firms.
A World of Opportunities: Top Kaggle Competitions with Cash Prize
Learn about the standard competition categories in Kaggle which will help you apply all your Data Science knowledge while also giving you a chance to win cash prizes.
DBeaver vs Python: Two Methods To Run Your Queries
This is a step-by-step guide on how to run your SQL queries using Dbeaver and Python.
Import data from Kaggle to Google Colab
Learn to import Kaggle dataset into Google Colaboratory using seven easy to follow steps.
Presenting your work
For those graduating with a degree in Analytics and Data Science, you have many resources to work with when it comes to presenting your skills to hiring managers. Some examples below. Search for filetype:pdf and case studies in your field. Identify the ones that stand out. Now go over
Learning Docker by building an R learning environment
Docker is a technology that makes it very easy to try a piece of software or technology without running into installation problems that you would otherwise run into if you were to install software directly or natively on your system. Docker gives you an environment that you can keep separate