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History of Aritificial Intelligence
In this article, you will read about the history of artificial intelligence and how it came into existence
Thoughts on the use of AI models distributed online
AI model marketplaces come in various shapes and sizes. Outside of the conventional marketplace approach, large Internet companies have made open-source contributions that include not just libraries but also models. BERT is an example of a model distributed online by Google that has gained popularit…
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020
What if I told you that this whole article was written by an AI, I just suggested the theme and the layout of the article and the AI backed it up with research, gave me plagiarised free content in a span of 5 minutes. I’m just joking, of course! Even

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

An Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
If you’re a newbie and want some solid NLP foundation? This is the best place to start. Learn the basics of NLP here and get started!
Top Evaluation Metrics For Your NLP Model
Learn about the top evaluation metrics for your next NLP model.
Exciting NLP and Computer Vision research for Patent Chemistry discovery and analysis
In 2021 I and a bunch of very smart and driven ML/AI engineers are working on developing NLP and CV algorithms to discover and extract interesting chemistry from patents. We developed where a user can search for chemistry compounds and find matching patent documents. On

Deep Learning

Deepo - one click deep learning environment setup
Deepo gives you wings and lets you set up all the popular deep learning libraries with a single command. Don’t wait to start your deep learning journey today.
Develop a scalable image labeling service
Develop an image labeling service using a pre-trained deep neural network and scale the service by deploying to the cloud.
Label images with a deep neural network
It isn’t often that you need to label lots of images. But when the need arises you can use many of the pre-trained deep neural network models available for image labeling tasks. One of the most popular ones is ResNet50 and keras provides a convenient of using it. SETUP I’m

Machine Learning

Here is how MNCs are using Machine Learning to get ahead of their competition
We will go through some topmost machine learning case studies from world-class businesses to get an idea of how Amazon Web Services has been transforming institutions across industries in their computing needs and much more.
12 Python ML/DS Libraries Used By Top Data Scientists
In this post, we talk about the top and most useful python libraries used by top data scientists around the world for ML and DS
12 Python ML/DS Libraries Used By Top Data Scientists
In this post, we talk about the top and most useful python libraries used by top data scientists around the world for ML and DS
What is the “quick start” approach to learning Machine Learning?
Take up one topic from your notes and go research it by googling it, finding Wikipedia articles, blogs, more examples of its usage, read related discussions on StackOverflow and gain as much understanding of the concept as you can.
How can a business analyst transition to ML? Especially when analysts get little or no exposure to ML in their job?
Participate in and learn AI/ML on (free). Do excellent Analytics work by day for your company and spend your evenings pursuing your AI/ML dream. A resource like has made it very easy for folks to learn AI/ML by
How to plan and execute the company’s ML project for better business impact?
An ML project, like any other project requires the project team to get together in the early stages to resolve lots of open questions to better scope the project. What is the problem being addressed and why is it seen as a problem that needs to be solved? Very often