Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020
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What if I told you that this whole article was written by an AI, I just suggested the theme and the layout of the article and the AI backed it up with research, gave me plagiarised free content in a span of 5 minutes. I'm just joking, of course! Even though all of that is very much possible in reality only because there are millions of huge and small companies developing such amazing AIs across the globe.

Business owners, tech experts and even some leaders are pushing the boundaries and creating improved and innovative ways to utilise AI to cater to our needs. These corporations are taking an innovational approach to machine learning and AI. What's extra, a number of them are making plans for the AI-organized chips to launch a great deal more and more algorithmic tendencies withinside the years to come.

Let's know more about how and which top companies will be changing your lifestyle very soon.

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)

For years, IBM has been growing methods to evolve its AI supercomputer Watson to revolutionize fitness care, finance, regulation, and academia. Unfortunately, applications like Watson for Genomics and Watson for Oncology did not stay as much as expected. Still, Watson these days accomplished in addition to or maybe higher than AI offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in assessments through the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Analyst Wamsi Mohan says IBM is placed to advantage some market share in information technology services in the coming years because of its cloud and AI offerings. Inc. (AMZN)

Amazon has incorporated AI into each factor of its commercial enterprise, which includes focused advertising, e-trade seek outcomes and Amazon Web Services. Amazon's Alexa is one of the highly famous digital assistants and has ended up being adopted into many homes worldwide. Amazon additionally gives a huge variety of AI offerings to its AWS cloud clients, which include superior textual data analytics, computerized code evaluations, and chatbots. Despite tough pandemic comparisons and delivery chain demanding situations time constraint issues sometimes, Amazon continues to be one of the best e-trade inventory to buy.

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DeepMind is a British synthetic intelligence organization that is committed to accelerating the enterprise with an out of the box approach. It brings collectively new thoughts and advances in technology mastering, neuroscience, engineering, mathematics, simulation, and computing infrastructure. DeepMind's founders started operating on AI generation through coaching it away to play antique and famous video games from the 70s and 80s. Acquired through Google in 2014, Deepmind's studies cover the whole lot from weather conditions to healthcare and finance. In partnership with The European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), DeepMind released its AlphaFold Protein Structure Database in 2021. This database helped humanity double its know-how of high-accuracy protein structures.

Nvidia Corp. (ticker: NVDA)

High-end chipmaker Nvidia is placed to offer huge processing to AI programs in need. Nvidia is making plans to construct its very own AI supercomputer lab in Cambridge, England. The global's quickest supercomputer, Leonardo (not Di Caprio!), is even powered through Nvidia graphical processing units. Analyst Vivek Arya says AI, deep learning, and big data are simply the holy trinity of secular and exponential technological growth spurt tendencies but which will require unheard-of processing power.


CloudMinds are a global-main cloud robotic and offerings organization that develops the Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence (HARI) platform for robots. As one of the few gamers that provide an end to end cloud robotic environment withinside the worldwide robotics industry, CloudMinds are one of the first to commercialize similar services and applications. The organization is working to make helpful humanoid robots available at low cost for all the homes by 2025, and it's going to acquire this through cloud-connected robots. More importantly, cloud-connected robots are wherein various kinds of robots share a mind hosted on a cloud platform giving it backdoor access to other minds in the cloud to learn and develop a wide variety of skills.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)

Microsoft is making an investment in huge amounts to make sure its early market monopoly in the AI marketplace. In 2020, Microsoft introduced the development of a brand new supercomputer hosted in Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing network. The supercomputer was constructed in collaboration with OpenAI to teach AI types with the end goal of ultimately making huge AI applications and associated infrastructure for different corporations and web developers.


Semiconductor company Syntiant constructs low-electricity consuming processors which are supposed to run synthetic intelligence algorithms. Since the organization’s chips are very tiny, they are an amazing fit for carrying progressively more classy algorithms to consumer tech gadgets, especially when it comes to voice assistants. Two of Syntiant’s systems would now be able to collaborate with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistance, which pushes developers in a positive direction to successfully add the standard voice partner to their own devices without it getting stored in the cloud.

Alphabet Inc. (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google and YouTube are baby organizations of Alphabet which are making use of AI and automation in all kinds of commercial purposes, from advert pricing to targeted content advertising to email unsolicited mail filters. Google also has a subsidiary of an autonomous vehicle company Waymo, which became part of history by becoming the first company to launch a fully driverless commercial robotaxi service on public roads in 2020.


OpenAI is an AI research and development company created in 2015. Its job is to make sure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) helps all of humanity. To do this, the company aims to directly build safe and beneficial AGI. The company director, Ilya Sutskever, is one of the world best tech experts in machine learning. The founders are driven by their personal issues about the pre-existing risk from AGI. As a non-profit, the company wishes to freely work with others across many institutions and aims to collaborate with other organisations to research and create new technologies.


The DataRobot organization AI platform accelerates and democratizes data science know-how through automating the end-to-end adventure from information to value. It offers records scientists a platform for constructing and deploying software mastering models. The software program allows commercial enterprise analysts to construct predictive analytics without the know-how of Machine Learning (ML) or programming and makes use of computerized ML to quickly construct and set up a correct predictive model. Allowing clients to set up dependent-on AI programs at scale, DataRobot's platform is centrally ruled and offers clients the strength of AI to power higher commercial industrial outcomes.


As pretty much every part of computing is being changed by AI and different types of machine learning, organizations can toss extraordinary algorithms at existing CPUs and GPUs. Or then again they can embrace Graphcore’s Intelligence Processing Unit, a cutting-edge processor intended for AI from the ground up. Equipped for decreasing the fundamental crunching for tasks, for example, algorithmic trading from hours to minutes, the Bristol, England, startup’s IPUs are currently transported in Dell servers and as an on-demand Microsoft Azure cloud service.


As each day passes by, our future becomes more accessible and dependent on AI thanks to the above corporations. Not only are we advancing in our work lives with ease, but we are also experiencing a higher way of life. Sadly it is just you and I who are all able to utilise this power to our benefit, they are millions around the globe still lacking technological support with dire need of AI's help and I believe it is these corporations who can provide technological assistance and power to such nations and save them.