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Data Newsletter: Monday Edition
Introduction It’s Monday! Time for some Data World round-up. This article brings you recent intriguing researches, exciting contests news, and light tweets, etc. Keep reading to stay up to date! Articles: Data Fabric: Accelerate innovation by connecting the right data to the right people Data Fabri…
Data Science Friday Round-Up
IntroductionCurious to know what is new in the data world? This newsletter keeps you updated by providing brief bits of articles, top news, and trending tweets. Posted every Monday and Friday, Data Newsletter is a way to stay informed in the field of data. ArticlesThe First rule of Machine Learning
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020
What if I told you that this whole article was written by an AI, I just suggested the theme and the layout of the article and the AI backed it up with research, gave me plagiarised free content in a span of 5 minutes. I’m just joking, of course! Even
A World of Opportunities: Top Kaggle Competitions with Cash Prize
Learn about the standard competition categories in Kaggle which will help you apply all your Data Science knowledge while also giving you a chance to win cash prizes.
Top 10 Data Science Blogs from Major Tech-Firms
We learn about important insights from trending data science posts published by great minds working at top firms.
Here is how MNCs are using Machine Learning to get ahead of their competition
We will go through some topmost machine learning case studies from world-class businesses to get an idea of how Amazon Web Services has been transforming institutions across industries in their computing needs and much more.
12 Python ML/DS Libraries Used By Top Data Scientists
In this post, we talk about the top and most useful python libraries used by top data scientists around the world for ML and DS
Top Evaluation Metrics For Your NLP Model
Learn about the top evaluation metrics for your next NLP model.
Top IDEs in Python That Every Data Scientist Should Know
How would you feel if you get the freedom to design a layout, write the code, test, debug, build, etc., all at one place? Isn’t that epic? That is what an IDE is ready for! OverviewFor an effortless coding experience, it is crucial to choose an IDE for Data
Top Data Scientists You Should Follow On Twitter
Data science is all around us these days from academia to major industries and tech giants, the demand has been growing exponentially. So, what is data science all about anyway? And who are the data scientists to follow online for expertise in this fast-growing field? Here is a list of