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Top IDEs in Python That Every Data Scientist Should Know
How would you feel if you get the freedom to design a layout, write the code, test, debug, build, etc., all at one place? Isn’t that epic? That is what an IDE is ready for! OverviewFor an effortless coding experience, it is crucial to choose an IDE for Data
What is an easy and sustainable approach to transition to Data Science?
If you are in undergrad and are contemplating a career in Data Science and Analytics, pick up tools and technologies that enjoy industry wide usage such as Tableau, PowerBI, R, Python and others that are commonly used. Learn from online courses and free YouTube resources such as freeCodeCamp. If you
How to evaluate a Master’s degree in Data Science?
If you keep your notebook close, and your pencil even closer, and make notes and connect the dots, and you do this even for a few weeks (30-45 mins daily), at the end of a month you would have gained a whole lot of perspective and understanding.
How to know which domain of data science is suitable for you?
All of a sudden, a company will go from collecting very little data to now collecting data from their website (views, clicks), employee data, manufacturing (from machines, processes, employee activity) and any other aspect of their business that needs to be improved.
What is the “quick start” approach to learning Machine Learning?
Take up one topic from your notes and go research it by googling it, finding Wikipedia articles, blogs, more examples of its usage, read related discussions on StackOverflow and gain as much understanding of the concept as you can.