Do you trust AI? and more stories

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Do you trust AI? and more stories
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Greetings Everyone!  What’s better than heading into the week with a brief round-up of the data world? Keep reading to discover the history of Big Data,  IBM's newest data breach report, and much more.


  • DataRobot:  Establishing trust in AI
    “Just as trust needs to be established in our personal and business relationships, it also needs to be established between an AI user and the system. “ Trust in AI systems is broadly categorized into three dimensions, performance, operations of the AI/ML model, and the ethics of the workflow. Understanding these dimensions is a step towards building AI systems that justify our trust.
  • Getting Started with SQL Queries - Exercises for Beginners Part-1
    Almost every business has become digitized. The digital business generates data, data clubs to form databases, and to manage those huge amounts of data, well, you need SQL. This article is the first part of a four-part SQL tutorial put in a very palatable format for 'everybody' to learn.
  • A brief history of big data by the World Economic Forum
    With a spike in internet usage and other technologies such as IoT devices, mobile phones, vehicles, appliances, etc. the volume of generated data is growing exponentially at an unprecedented rate, which has led to the emergence of big data. But, did it all start even before the era of the internet and how did it bloom in all these years?
  • Unlocking opportunities with data transformation
    “One of the biggest challenges data executives have today is turning the immense amount of information that their organization, customers, and partners — or rather their whole ecosystem — are creating into a competitive advantage.” A modern approach to the data practices and platforms is the key principle by companies like PayPal, to achieve incredible speed and development in their business.


  • Cost of Data Breach Report 2021: IBM
    “Data breach costs rose from USD 3.86 million to USD 4.24 million, the highest average total cost in the 17-year history of this report.” This is the 17th release of this report, which has been proven to be a benchmark IT tool, in providing help to mitigate the cost of data breaches. Key highlights include the trends, risk quantification, and recommendations.
  • Novartis empowers scientists with AI to speed the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines
    Creating a formulation requires a scientist to decide the composition of ingredients. Each creation then goes into the testing process in terms of stability, safety, etc. This process can spread over years without any guarantee of a successful deployment. But, using the power of AI in collaboration with Microsoft, Novartis will be able to shorten this time span into months, or maybe weeks. How?
  • Announcing support for extracting data from identity documents using Amazon Textract
    “ In the financial services sector, there is the creation of new accounts online, or in healthcare, there are new digital platforms to schedule and manage appointments, which require users to fill out forms. These can be error-prone, time-consuming, and certainly improved upon.” Amazon Textract’s new API ‘Analyze ID’ will help automatically extract data from identity documents such as driver’s license, passports, etc. This will enable customers to open bank accounts, book new appointments with much ease and accuracy.


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