No Code AI: Here to stay?

Before heading deep into the week, a quick summary of what is going on around the data world.

No Code AI: Here to stay?
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It's Monday again! Time for a cup of coffee and a quick data world round-up through informative articles, recent news, and "funny" tweets.

Let's dive in!


  • No code AI by SparkBeyond: Will it automate all the data science jobs?
    With SparkBeyond’s newest release ‘SparkBeyond Discovery’, millions of hypotheses can be generated per minute from the data it leverages from the client’s internal data as well as the open web. Moreover, SparkBeyond delivers insight into natural language, which allows a non-code analyst to understand it as well. What puts SparkBeyond Discovery in a unique place apart from its competitors?
  • Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2020
    There is no limit to what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can do. It is entering every sector from healthcare, business to education. “ Not only are we advancing in our work lives with ease, but we are also experiencing a higher way of life.” Know the top corporations in 2020 which are moving towards the peaks of AI advancements.
  • WaveNet: How a more 'natural-sounding' speech was created for products across the globe?
    “The human voice is a finely-tuned instrument. Its tone, tempo, and inflection help us share ideas, communicate needs, and express emotions.” WaveNet is a generative model, a model which can generate examples based on what it has learned by getting trained on images, videos, sounds. WaveNet partnered with Google, the year after Google introduced an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to answer questions and perform tasks.
  • World Bank: Why we need more sex-disaggregated social protection data and what we’re doing to get there
    Covid-19 has negatively impacted the dimensions of gender equality. With the unavailability of data, distinguished on the basis of sex, it has been a hindrance in understanding these impacts. "Sex-disaggregated data are key to understanding and addressing an uneven economic recovery." There are improvements been made in the ASPIRE database's data collection methods to address the issue which is their first step towards understanding the sex-differentiated impacts.
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  • Power BI: Export to Excel function improvements announced.
    Power BI’s export to excel experience has made the most requested improvement by all the organizations. You can now export the data in matrix or table visual to Excel while preserving the formatting of the visual. “This capability is a significant improvement to the export experience for Power BI visuals ensuring that you are focused on achieving your data goals in Excel rather than spending time on formatting.”
  • 'Django 4.0 release candidate 1 '  released.
    "Django 4.0 release candidate 1 is the final opportunity for you to try out the abundance of new features before Django 4.0 is released." Django 4.0 is scheduled to be released on or around December 6.
  • Tableau Discover: Easy way to explore data visualization content
    Tableau Public just introduced a new feature ‘Discover’. It is a section that contains all the latest visualizations, featured authors, and personalized content! It is like a ‘for you’ page but on Tableau Public. A great way to get inspired and connect with the #datafam community. What else is in it?



I hope this content provided some insights into the data world. For more such informative content, tune in for the Friday issue!

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