Careers will span longer periods (decades and more) increasingly, so people have to be ready to make changes throughout their careers. Changes that are made in the pursuit of media-driven hype can be difficult to sustain as new hype cycles will quickly replace the previous ones.

What is sustainable is to optimise for 1) the work you enjoy, 2) have skills that you can leverage, and 3) that society needs so you can be gainfully employed.


We may not always find it in our first job or even after a decade but the fun is in the journey to find your IKIGAI.

Your day job gives you one avenue to explore, and finding things to do outside of work can be another avenue for exploration.  

What really helps is to write about your experiences with your job and your work projects and honestly assess how it makes you feel and what you would like to change about it.

Once you have more clarity about these things you will know what to look for for your next step.

The discussion shared above was part of many Q&A sessions Harsh Singhal conducted with Data teams at various companies and colleges.