Top Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups to look out for in 2022

According to statistics, the artificial intelligence market was valued at the shocking USD 62.35 billion in 2020 during the covenant in the pandemic.

Top Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups to look out for in 2022
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Healthcare to finance and manufacturing, artificial intelligence is infused into every industry and program. Aside from artificial intelligence other forms of technologies are also being used like

  • Machine learning
  • Robotics process automation
  • Deep learning

Big guys like Tesla, Microsoft, and Google are not the only ones with revolutionary creations but there are various startups budding into the market.

Here are seven artificial intelligence startup companies worth looking out for.


Image source: Savvie

INDUSTRY: Food Industry, AI

With the demand for artificial intelligence on the rise, very few businesses have access to it. Savvie has created an avenue for small businesses especially for those in the food industry to operate more efficiently, making organization easy, helping with sales, waste management, orders, and also production management.

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Image source:

INDUSTRY: Computer vision, Machine learning

From agriculture to construction to oil and gas, Plainsight reaches all organizations, with the help of artificial intelligence. It optimizes the use of video camera systems,  productivity tracking and predictions, products grading, and a general increase of revenue. It is safe to say that Plainsight has used machine learning to safely enhance and make tasks easier.

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Image source:

INDUSTRY: Healthcare, AI

Paige is a healthcare artificial intelligence company led by experts in machine learning, healthcare, and business from leading companies like NASA, Arterys, NVIDIA, and Foundation medium.

Paige builds software to advance the treatment and diagnosis and also the discovery of cancer. Their goal is to create a world where all patients get deep insight into their biology, making diagnosis translate into efficient and effective personalized treatment.

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Image source: Olive 

INDUSTRY: Healthcare, AI

Olive uses artificial intelligence solutions to empower the healthcare industry by improving efficiency and patient care while reducing costly administrative errors. OliveAI solves human health care problems with the use of AI and has greatly reduced the costly errors in the health sector and optimized workflow by cutting off mundane tasks that health practitioners do on a daily basis.

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Image source: Grammarly 

INDUSTRY: Software, AI

Founded by three Ukrainian entrepreneurs, Grammarly is a tech company that uses AI for the development of applications and software that detects misspelling, punctuation, and all writing errors as well as plagiarism.

Grammarly uses three main types of advanced technology to actualize this feat, which are artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as deep learning algorithms, currently, it is one of the best software for writers as it eases the stress of manually editing and checking.

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Image source: Argo

INDUSTRY:  Software and tech services, Machine Learning.

Already having the life of Tesla, Argo is a fast-growing company that deals with the production of self-driving cars which are safe and reliable. Pairing up with top automobile companies like Ford and Volkswagen and incorporating artificial intelligence guarantees top-quality vehicles.

Argo with the use of AI has successfully created a detailed 3D map and top-notch camera sensors that detect objects even in the dark as well as has a 360° rotation for full coverage.

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Image source: anodot

INDUSTRY: Data analytics, AI

Anodot is an AI-driven data analytics company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for monitoring businesses and detecting anomalies. The use of AI empowers businesses by improving customer experience, service monitoring,as and reducing operational costs. It has almost 100 customers in digital transformation industries like Telco, FinTech, Waze, and King as well as Microsoft. With its self-service AI platform analysts gain greater control of their businesses.

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Final Thoughts:

With the rise and need for AI in almost every sector, it's certain that top companies will soon be rivaled.

Thanks to startups the thought of technology is no longer left to the imagination as technologies thought of in the past are now realities.