Topic Modeling - A Quick Overview

Topic Modeling - A Quick Overview

The amount of data being collected and stored is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Text data is generated across all industries and is growing as fast as any other data type.

Businesses across the world are turning to Artificial Intelligence to make sense of large volumes of raw data. Natural Language Processing, a branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with text data is an important technology in dealing with text data.

Text data comes in the form of all types and sizes.

Social Media posts. Blogs and magazine articles online. Legal documents and briefs. Patents and research papers. Call transcripts and logs. Customer feedback and product reviews.

Usage of Topic Modeling is widespread across the industry. In Manufacturing, businesses use topic modeling to find product issues from customer feedback. Competing product analysis is done by studying the topics derived from other product catalogs.

Governments and public policy departments analyze citizen feedback to gauge sentiment and identify emerging concerns to shape better policy decisions.

The Legal profession has developed a large number of technologies using NLP to greatly streamline their work and improve the discovery process.

The Life Sciences industry uses NLP in many ways. They identify adverse events, detect outbreaks, and identify patterns in patient data and doctor transcripts. Businesses across industries use Topic Modeling to manage and discover what is being discussed about them on social media.

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