Pandas Walkthrough E-book on 3 Most Important Concepts

Pandas Walkthrough - our first ebook that teaches you 3 key concepts in Pandas that you need to master as a Data Scientist

Pandas Walkthrough E-book on 3 Most Important Concepts

Thank you for supporting our work and coming back to learn from the articles we publish in data science.

We have started to publish ebooks. Our first one will be in keeping with what our readers love.

A walkthrough on Pandas, the #1 Data Analysis library in Python.

In this e-book, we will teach you how to;

  • Indexing, Sorting, and Filtering
  • Data Aggregation - is a very important area that every data professional should have familiarity with
  • Time Series analysis
  • Using Functions in Pandas - this is a concept that most Data Scientists struggle with. We have covered many examples in the e-book to give you mastery over this critical feature of Pandas.
  • Real-world dataset - Download the data used in the ebook from this link

Download this e-book and learn the important concepts of Pandas.

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