Is SqlTranform unavailable for Python?

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Is SqlTranform unavailable for Python?
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It's Monday! Time for some Data World round-up. This article brings you recent intriguing researches, exciting contests news, and light tweets, etc.

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  • Data Fabric: Accelerate innovation by connecting the right data to the right people
    Data Fabric can be thought of as a framework spread over a large volume that connects various locations, types, and sources of data with methods of accessing that data." With a data fabric, your business users and data scientists can access trusted data faster for their applications, analytics, AI and machine learning models, and business process automation, helping to improve decision making and drive digital transformation."
  • Applying InfoCal: Predicting hospital readmission using hospital discharge notes.
    Predictive systems have now been applied to numerous domains, be it finance, education, or healthcare. The health industry is now openly adapting the predictive systems in much more difficult areas such as ophthalmology and radiology for better decision-making. In a recent paper, Taylor et al. applied InfoCal, a state-of-art model to the real-world task of predicting hospital readmission using hospital discharge notes.
  • Getting Started with SQL Queries: Exercise for Beginners
    How important is it to learn SQL? SQL is a highly demanded language which is for sure a need when looking for jobs in the data domain. Why is that? Well, the companies you might want to apply for store all the data which is generated daily in relational databases like MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, etc. To retrieve, manipulate and delete the data from those databases, SQL is a must. What are the most useful SQL queries every beginner must practice?
  • Debunking Myths about Python on Dataflow
    Working with Dataflow, Google’s Cloud’s fully managed data processing service, the first decision any developer has to make is which programming language to use. Python for Apache Beam SDK is one of the most used languages by the largest customers but some myths are floating around this language. Is SqlTranform unavailable for Python?


  • Become a NASA Solver: AI Risk Prediction problem
    NASA SOLVE reaches out to creative minds to solve their most important problems. One such problem ‘The Risky Space Business’ is looking out for DS/ML/AI enthusiasts to extract data from past projects and predict the risk on future projects. Deadline is open till Feb 7, 2022, 5:00 PM ET, get a chance to bag the total purse of $50,000 and of course to own the bragging rights.
  • Shiny Proxy 2.6.0 is here. What’s new in it?
    Shiny Proxy is one of the most famous alternatives to the regular shiny hosting options hosted by RStudio used to deploy Shiny apps for the enterprise or larger organizations. The recent version i.e. Shiny Proxy 2.6.0 is brought to you by the dedicated folks at Open Analytics. The addition of App Recovery, better user interface is some of the many new updates in this version. How do they benefit the users and developers?
  • Hottest Technology Buzzwords: All of them need Data!
    Effective Data strategy is the key step to harnessing the powerful business value of data.“The saying that "data is the new oil" has been around for some time now, but to my mind, data has become business currency — literally, with the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain.”



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