How to build an AI Product (8) - Harnessing the Power of Embeddings, Vector Search, and LLMs: A Glimpse into Modern Applications

In the digital age, the continuous evolution of technology propels innovations that were once confined to research labs into everyday applications.

Among these advances, the use of embeddings, vector search, and large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT stands out, ushering in a new era of sophisticated tools that can comprehend, process, and generate human-like text. This article delves into remarkable applications that employ these technologies, showcasing their potential in various sectors.

1. Legaleagle: A Semantic Lifeline for Lawyers

The legal profession, dense with documentation and case precedents, often demands hours of meticulous research. Traditional keyword search engines, although helpful, may not always capture the nuances of legal contexts. That's where comes into play.


  • Semantic Search: Instead of relying solely on exact keyword matches, Legaleagle utilizes embeddings and vector search to understand the context and meaning of search queries. This approach allows lawyers to retrieve relevant case documents using keywords, sentences, or even entire paragraphs that describe diverse legal scenarios.
  • Deep Comprehension: By understanding the essence of a search query, this tool can pinpoint case references that a conventional search might overlook. Whether it's a broad legal concept or a highly specific scenario, Legaleagle provides lawyers with a nuanced search experience.

2. AWSChat & PANWChat: Pushing the Envelope with Retrieval Augmented Generation

While semantic search has revolutionised information retrieval, the integration of this technology with large language models is paving the way for more interactive and engaging user experiences.

Two applications, and, are at the forefront of this innovation.


  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): These platforms don't just stop at fetching relevant documents based on a user's query. They employ RAG wherein a user's query is first transformed into an embedding vector. Using this vector, the system retrieves semantically similar documents. But the magic happens when these documents are passed onto an LLM like ChatGPT.
  • Engaging Responses: Once the relevant documents are identified, the LLM crafts a coherent and comprehensive response. Instead of just spitting out raw information, the response is engaging, making the interaction feel more like a conversation than a simple query-response mechanism.
  • Cross-Domain Expertise: While is tailored towards Amazon Web Services, is designed for Palo Alto Networks. This specialization ensures that users receive information that's not just accurate but also contextually relevant to the domain in question.


The fusion of embeddings, vector search, and LLMs is redefining the boundaries of what technology can achieve.

From assisting lawyers in their research to offering interactive chat experiences, these tools are setting new benchmarks in user experience and accuracy.

As the capabilities of these technologies expand, it's exciting to envision the myriad of applications they'll usher in, making our interactions with machines more intuitive, efficient, and human-like.

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