Developing AI to understand object relationships

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Developing AI to understand object relationships
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  • Gartner: Data Sharing is a Business Necessity to Accelerate Digital Business
    “Data and analytics leaders who share data externally generate three times more measurable economic benefit than those who do not.” It is predicted by Gartner that by 2023, companies that advocate data sharing are likely to outdo their peers on most business value metrics.
  • Tutorial: Writing SQL queries using Python and visualizing the results in Tableau
    SQL, no doubt is one of the necessary skills in the data domain. This post walks you through writing SQL queries on the Kaggle python notebook. This tutorial applies the queries on the ‘Craiglist used cars’ dataset. It is part 1 of the four-part tutorial series.
  • Twitter: Using Machine Learning to predict the value of ad requests
    Twitter needed a way to balance the ad requests accounting for the value of the requests. To solve this problem, ML engineers began with a heuristic solution which later progressed towards a Machine Learning model to filter out invaluable requests. As a result, Twitter’s revenue increased by processing requests that were believed to be capable of generating more revenue.
  • AlphaFold by DeepMind: a significant breakthrough in Computational Biology
    AlphaFold by Deepmind is an AI system that attains high accuracy on protein structure prediction. AlphaFold leverages certain key ideas in the field and was able to solve a 50-year-old protein problem faced in the field of Computational Biology. “AlphaFold opens new research horizons, and it is inspiring to see powerful cutting-edge AI enabling work on diseases which are concentrated almost exclusively in impoverished populations.”


  • MIT researchers have developed an AI model that understands object relationships
    Humans are capable of processing the relationship between objects, unlike many deep learning models. Without this ability, robots might lack in certain tasks. To tackle this problem, researchers at MIT have developed an AI model that is able to assess the intra-relationships among the objects. “This work could be applied in situations where industrial robots must perform intricate, multistep manipulation tasks, like stacking items in a warehouse or assembling appliances.”
  • Tata Capital: How is it turning into a data-driven organization?
    In this day and age, data is the heart of any business to drive efficiency and create value for any customer. TCL, in order to improve its infrastructure, invested in a data lake and moved to a complete hybrid cloud platform. This upgrade in the ecosystem has leveraged the power of their data to enhance various areas of the organization.
  • Amazon AI conclave 2021: 5th edition
    A free virtual event that will expand your knowledge in the area of smart and customer-centric solutions and promises to empower and accelerate your AI/ML journey. This event can be attended by an AI/ML enthusiast regardless of where they stand in their AI/ML path, with distinguished tracks for people with different levels of experience.



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