Consistency is the key to building long-lasting value

Consistency is the key to building long-lasting value
Photo by Aditya Rathod / Unsplash

Shivannas is a small store in Bangalore on JC road.

I used to go there as a kid almost three decades ago with my parents. This was my dad's hangout when he went to college near by.

My grandfather used to stop there to pick up nippat, have a masala thumbs-up on his way back from chickpet.

The man at the counter served plain gulkand to my grandfather, to my dad and me. The same man. Day after day, kept having us come back.

I don't remember going there the last 20 years. After we moved to another part of Bangalore, Shivannas became a monthly trip to a half-yearly and then we just found other haunts.

After being away for a decade and moving back from the Bay Area recently, I have been trying to reconnect with the Bangalore of my childhood. I also want to show my kids the Bangalore I grew up in and take them to my favorites.

Last week we drove across town to get rusks from VB Bakery because why not. Another quintessential Bangalore spot.
On the way back, we stopped at Shivannas. I almost missed it. But when I looked again, I just froze.

I pulled over and I had never ordered plain gulkand before. My dad always did and we waited in the car.

I mumbled something gulkand something and a few seconds later it was in my hands ????

It was exhilarating. I gave it to my kids who were waiting in the car. They loved it. All of us had two and then we took a few parcel.

Shivannas now has 4 generations of the Singhal family in absolute thrall of plain gulkand. A tradition I wish to keep alive.

If you live in Bangalore, go to Shivannas and try plain gulkand. You'll make a tradition that will pass on to your future generations.